Where it all began…travel the world, from the tree tops to your flip flops

I’ve been traveling my whole life. My parents love to go. When I was a kid, they would pack us in the car and go for “rides”. Let’s just say, those rides seemed like torture as a kid. But as an adult, now they seem like an adventures. So thanks mom and dad for all those rides. For packing my bike, my sister, and a twin size mattress in the back of the truck and setting off to destinations unknown.

In 2008, my husband and I set off on our first adventure. We finally had saved enough money to get away for a few days. This trip is just the beginning of what we hope is a life full of adventure. We climb something on every trip, hence the tree tops. And our favorite thing to do is dive…you got it – the flip flops.

This first trip helped us to decide to get married in Jamaica. This photo was the cover of our save the date. 2-years later, 45 people showed up in Montego Bay Jamaica and watched us say “I will” and spent the rest of the week with us on this adventure. But more on that later.

Welcome to Jamaica…2008.


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