Ocho Rios, Jamaica 2008

Going to Sandals on our very first trip was an awesome idea. If you’ve never travelled before, I highly recommend getting your feet wet with an all inclusive. As my travel agent mother-in-law would say, you get what you pay for. And so we went to Sandals. There are a million places you could go with all inclusive packages, but remember, a great deal isn’t always a great deal.  Sandals, on the other hand, is exactly what you would expect. It’s a luxury vacation and the reason Ocho Rios was so cost effective, was because you have to take a 3 hour ride from the airport to the resort.

But don’t let that discourage you! From the moment you step through the airport, you don’t touch your luggage again. You’re sent to the airport bar where you leave to board the bus with a drink in both hands. Yay all inclusive! The bus is more like an air conditioned van that gives you a tour of the island. For us, this was perfect! We were relaxed, happy, and seeing the countryside! The down side though, is when you head back to the airport on the day you leave, you have to leave super early. So, in some ways, our 4 night stay was only 3 days long. But if you don’t think of it as an adventure from the moment you leave your home, then you are missing out on some of the best parts of the whole trip.


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