Black and Blue Steak & Crab, Rochester New York

This is the second year in a row that my husband and I have celebrated our anniversary at Black and Blue! When we got married in March we thought we would get away every year to somewhere warm and celebrate. However, that doesn’t always happen. For the last two years we have gone somewhere warm in January and chose to celebrate dinner out on the town.

We love Black and Blue, but it won’t be for everyone.  My husband and I are foodies. We love a great meal and we don’t care what it cost. When we go out for our anniversary we split a bottle of wine, we order the cut of steak we want (or in my case the blackened mahi mahi special), we order appetizers, we look at the dessert menu and we leave the evening happy, no matter what it costs. We don’t eat out like that every day, so when a special occasion comes up, we don’t worry about the bill. That being said, we thought the dinner we had last night was worth every penny. But if you’re scraping together pennies, Black and Blue is not for you.

The wait staff is very friendly and professional. I love that they swing by the table every once and awhile and top off your wine glass. We ordered a bottle of wine that neither of us ever touched. A lovely Pinot Noir from New Zealand! Here’s a little tip we use when we don’t know which wine to pick – Pick a wine from a place you’d like to travel! I spent a semester in Italy in 2003 and I learned a ton about wine. The most valuable tip was, the most expensive wine doesn’t mean it’s the best, it just means they didn’t make that much of it. So don’t feel bad about picking a wine that isn’t $100 a bottle. Sometimes the wine you’ll like best isn’t the most expensive. On the same note, mass produced gallons of wine that they can sell for dirt cheap could be like everything else you get that’s dirt cheap…

The atmosphere is very nice at Black and Blue. You feel like you’re in a classy place. The chairs are enormous, I actually wish they were a little smaller because it makes the tables feel cramped. You get up to use the restroom and you have to do a little dance with the wait staff to get around the room. But it’s clean, the light level is nice for an evening dinner, and there is soft piano music playing somewhere. I did wish there was a jazz piano player in real life, but maybe that’s not the atmosphere they wish to promote. And it was Monday night, so maybe on a weekend there is a different vibe.

But for us it’s all about the food. When they say their cuts of steak are premium, they really mean it. And the rosemary rub, delicious. The blackened seasoning is done perfectly and the sea food makes you feel like you’re on the coast even when you’re in a parking lot in the middle of Rochester. Yes, their location in a strip mall feels a little odd, but some of our favorite restaurants have been in strip malls. Once you’re inside you forget where you are. This night transported us to a different place, somewhere that we could forget about everyday life and just enjoy the evening. For that, we would go back every year.


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