Jamaica X2, Destination Wedding

As I mentioned in my previous post, my husband and I got married in Jamaica in 2010. Since we are chronicling all the past trips we have taken, for our enjoyment, and maybe for others, here’s a little more on that trip!

You never know what surprises might jump up when you’re going to get married in the islands! Ours started with some really interesting ones. My husband’s best friend is a merchant marine. He typically works 3 months on the ship and 3 months off. So we picked a date right in the middle of his 3 months home. We figured that would cover getting off the ship late, or needing to get back on the ship early! Well, to our surprise, the company he worked for decided to sell the ship he was on and train a new crew on a new ship. Needless to say, with only a few weeks before our wedding, we found out the best man wasn’t going to make it to our wedding! We missed him, he’s a terrific guy and of course we wanted to share our special day with him, but I was no bridezilla. We knew who was coming to all the way to Jamaica at that point, so I asked for shirt sizes and told them all to bring tan pants and our wedding party went from 2 to 8. Thankfully my sister and I picked a dress from David’s Bridal for her to wear, so it was easy to find another one to match. And even more thankfully, my best friend is tiny and we both love to sew. So we knew we could get it in almost any size and make it work. My college best friend is a guy, so I ended up having 2 men and 2 women on my side while my husband had 4 more of his closest guy friends on his! It wasn’t our original plan, but it was perfect!


The little snafu with the wedding party was nothing in comparison to arriving at the airport to be told that our flight was cancelled. I was livid, I might have said a few choice words to the woman behind the desk. Friends of ours were on another flight that we managed to get on and even land earlier then our original flight, but getting to the airport to head to your wedding and being told you can’t get there…that was scary! We had to be there a few days early, and we chose to get married in March, so we should have been prepared for complications. But seriously, nothing beats walking through the airport with your wedding dress and being told, “Sorry, your flight is CANCELLED and there is nothing we can do for you”. I honestly thought she was joking. I think this was my only bridezilla moment! For that I am really proud of myself! So this is us, thankfully on a plane, headed to our wedding!




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