All-inclusive Travel, Jamaica 2010

I’ve talked about the wedding and the ups and downs of doing a destination wedding, but now I want to say a little bit about the fun we had as a group at an all inclusive!


When you travel to an all inclusive, you don’t have to worry about anything. It’s actually a little strange when you sit down to dinner and then you just walk away without paying. But one of the best parts is hanging out with friends! We had a great time celebrating one of our friends birthday while we were on the resort!


Or just chilling out at the many lounge areas! We brought games to play, we sat an talked, we drank coffee and watched the water. There are just so many great places to relax on an all inclusive resort. And when you go with a group it’s a lot of fun to just hang out and relax.


As you’ll see as the blog grows, my husband and I love water sports. We are big divers, but in 2010 before I was certified to dive, we did things like sailing, and kayaking and snorkeling. Most of these non-motorized water sports are available on all inclusive resorts.


And dining options are plentiful! There is always a place where you can get something to eat at an all inclusive. On this resort they also had a french restaurant (shown above) and an Italian restaurant and a beach restaurant. Even dining right on the beach. We love the options and it’s so much fun to try them all. If they tell you to make reservations, do it. I know it sounds silly, but it’s fun to go to these special places while you’re on vacation.


And the bar. If you like to try new drinks, this is the place. My family sat at the bar one day and ordered every drink on the menu. They passed them down the line so everyone got to try it. Even if you don’t drink, going to an all inclusive and trying the non-alcoholic pina colada’s at the pool or the beach is fun and relaxing.

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