Emily is an architect. She owns her own business and practices in Maine, New York, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. While Frank lives full time in New York with their two pups, Chase and Bastian, Emily travels back and forth between her two offices in New York and Maine. When she isn’t working, she loves to travel. One of the reasons Emily chose Penn State for architecture school was their study abroad program. In 2003 she spent a semester in Rome and spent a few weeks traveling to other countries in Europe. During her last year in college her family went on a western caribbean cruise and growing up she travelled to many states on the east coast with her family.  Frank and Emily started traveling together in 2008 when we went to Jamaica for the first time. This blog is about our travels, a way to talk about the places we’ve been and the things we’ve done.


Frank, known as Frank Carlisle Mottram III, usually goes by Carl to his friends and family. However, Emily and Frank met at Lowes while they were both at Penn State where his name tag read “Frank” so he is Frank to his work colleagues, Emily, and her family. He spent a few weeks in Germany during college where he got the travel bug. He grew up in the great state of Maine which is full of it’s own beauty and is known as “the vacation state”. Frank and Emily moved to Maine in 2007 and then to New York in 2015. Since 2008 we have been to several countries from all inclusive resorts to trekking across Costa Rica. These are our adventures, we hope you’ll enjoy!